Sunday, June 28, 2009

Natwar Singh's wisdom at full display!

If you are looking for any proof how stupid and ridiculous some of our politicians can sound, look no further. Read this article by Natwar Singh, a former Foriegn Minister of India and prior to that, a bureaucrat with "vast experience"!

At the end of the article, you will get confused as to what the message is! At the beginning of the article, he himself says that the recent election in Iran is virtually impossible to rig, and the end of the article he wants India to act cautiously! And he arrives at this awesome conclusion after narrating two incidents. In both these incidents, he tries to tell us how he "managed" diplomatic meetings with the Supreme Leader of Iran - the Grand Ayatollah. And then, in all his wisdom, he tells us that the Supreme Leader is very powerful and the West has to be very careful about this ( please stop wondering why the West came into the picture! ).

However, there is a small twist here. The Ayatollah he met, and advises us to be careful with, died in 1989!!! Actually it would have been prudent if Natwar Singh took the pains to explain to us how we should take the dead seriously while talking about world matters. Maybe he didn't get enough space to write about this ;-)

This is not the first time Natwar Singh wrote an article as "insightful" as this. Another gem of his was published last year, inviting the same kind of ridicule as now.

Also, I fail to understand why The Hindu is even accepting articles from this man who is clearly lost in his own world of irrelevant incidents. Maybe they want to give the reader a hearty laugh ;-) !