Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The DGP of AP is at it again!

The DGP of AP is at it again!

Ok, first let me give you some background.

S.S.P.Yadav was appointed as the DGP of AP in 2007, superseding three officers. And from then on, he did not let go of any opportunity to praise the CM. So much for trying to be neutral! And then elections were announced. It is plain common sense that officers have to be impartial when the election code of conduct is in force. What does our DGP do? He again praises the Chief Minister! And then he goes to Singapore, without obtaining necessary permission from the Election Commission (EC).

So, the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of AP sends a report to EC recommending that this DGP be changed, because his impartiality is in doubt ( to anyone with even half a mind!). EC promptly removes him, and appoints AK.Mohanty as the DGP. The CEO, Mr. Subba Rao and the DGP, Mr.Mohanty did an exceptional job (click here).

Now, the elections were over. The results are not yet out. What does S.S.P.Yadav do? He accompanies the Chief Minister on a tour to IIIT in Cuddapah!

Now, the results are out. We have a new CM. Within 24 hours – yes, within 24 hours, A.K.Mohanty is replaced as the DGP and S.S.P.Yadav is reinstated! Anyways, it is a freshly elected government, so we cannot protest much, but YSR's contempt to almost all constitutional bodies is pretty much known.

Let's come to the present day situation. DGP writes a letter to CEO asking him why he was removed! Isn't it "elementary, my dear Watson" ;-) And then he is not satisfied with the reply, and writes the letter a second time. The CEO sends him a copy of the EC order explaining why he was transferred. And still the DGP is not happy with it. He writes a third letter, asking for the recommendations CEO made. He apprently wants to know the specific reasons the CEO gave!

What will you do with that information, Mr. DGP? Will you modify your body language, or will you change your line of thinking? Or will you sue the CEO? Or will you frame a copy of that reply and put it in your office?

Isn't it pretty evident to you why you were transferred? What good are you even going to get from that reply? Wasn't it pretty evident the CEO was doing his job? And it was evident to all people in AP that the EC did an exceptional job (well, only the politicians differ with this opinion ;-) ), so pray what it is that you want to prove to us now? That you "wrongly" targetted for "rightly" praising the CM during elections?

The CEO has rightly referred your letter to the EC… I sincerely hope get you the strongest of replies that will kill your king-sized ego!