Sunday, June 14, 2009

Unique "World Cup" ..

Take a look at the format of the Twenty 20 Cricket World Cup. I find the format of this tournament is seriously funny!

If you win just one game, then you are in "Super Eight". And then if you win two games in that league, you are in semifinals !!! All it takes is 3 wins to be in semis, and 2 more to lift the cup!!!

I think no other team in any other sport will have to win so few matches to be claimed "World Champions" !

And it's not like all 5 wins will be against quality teams, chances are also there that 2 of those wins will come against minnows !!

I just wonder how such logic skipped ICC. Atleast in the Super Eight, each team should have played with the other team. That way, each team gets to play 7 matches. And we get to see some quality cricket.

Like my friend was saying, this tournament should be renamed, Knockout World Cup T20!