Monday, January 23, 2012


Barkha Dutt is again in the news. This time, threatening fellow tweeter "barbarindian" with legal action. I was reminded of one of her hypocritical actions back when the Radia tapes issue surfaced. Just thought of bringing it to your notice too. 

"I do feel very upset and sorry about the fact that my name was misused/misrepresented by her in conversations with other people"

That was Barkha Dutt, responding to one of the allegations during the famous Radia tape scandal. In a response to The Hindu, she gave the above statement. She is apparently upset that Radia mis-used her name. What prompted this "mis-use"?

The long, full story is here. I will just paste three lines from her conversations with Radia here: 

BARKHA: Oh God. So now what? What should I tell them? Tell me what should I tell them?

BARKHA: Okay. Let me talk to them again.

BARKHA: Theek hai, not a problem. That’s not a problem, I’ll talk to Azad---I’ll talk to Azad right after I get out of RCR

So now you see - Barkha Dutt clearly offers to pass on messages.  Radia asks her to do something, she says she will get it done. Radia then has the impression that whatever she wanted got done, and therefore takes credit for getting Barkha to do it. Sounds logical till this point. And then later has the nerve to actually write saying that she is "upset and sorry" that her name was "misused" ? Again, misused how?


Anonymous said...

Tonight on "We The Tweeple" : Why is hashtag "#barkhabarks" trending on twitter ?

Anonymous said...

Its unfortunate that we have a party like congress ruling India and people like this "journo" being the most popular in English media..a small sample of what is really wrong with India becomes apparent. Unless these people are unmasked, paraded in the open for what they are, India will continue to suffer. The first time I heard her thrusting a mike into a poor man's face during the Gujarat riots and asking him "what his feelings are" when his house is on fire, and then saying the police are doing nothing while the place is the screen is a policeman with a lathi!!! I realized that we have a very poor journalist....that trend seems to have only gone worse and worse!

Anonymous said...

Radia is not to be blammed at all, she is just doing her bPR business. Its Barkha who is doing DALALI.


Anonymous said...

And I nicknamed Barkha's programs at rNDTV as 'We (fool) The People' / 'We The Poodle' Similar to Sagarika's 'Fool The Nation'


Ramya V said...

And this is the same female who talks big on corruption, scams, and the most important of all, 'ETHICS'!

She is a serial BULLY!

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