Monday, January 2, 2012

Lokpal: TV "debate" versus Parliament debate

Take a look at the below snapshot.

That snapshot is of a TV "debate" on CNN-IBN. I am sure other channels would have had such a cluttered format too. So this is not just specific to CNN-IBN. 

8 people. 19 minutes. Each argument overlapping another. In these 8 people, we don't see the anchor. Add him/her and you get 9 people in a "debate" for 19 minutes. On an average, 2.11 minutes per person.

Contrast this to the actual debate in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. The above snapshot was before the debate in RS, but even the LS debate would suffice for now. 

The full uncorrected debate text in LS is here.  From pages 7256 to 7474. A total of 218 pages of debate. And the debate was for about 11 hours. Yeah, 11 hours. 

The full uncorrected debate text in RS is here. From pages 10 to 509 (with disruptions). A total of ~500 pages. And more than 12 hours. 

But our TV media wants to "debate" such serious issues in 20 minutes. With 8-10 members. And what's even more saddening is that folks forget the detailed stance of parties in the parliament debates - instead pick up one liners (that are often disrupted too!) as official party lines. What a pity!  


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