Monday, December 19, 2011

"It is a bill that guarantees..."

A very quick post. Just to share the awesome in-depth understanding that some TV journos have. This time, from NDTV. 

Sonia Singh runs a weekly show, "Your Call" on NDTV. Last week, the topic was about the Right to Food Bill (we will talk in detail about this bill later). 

The Indian media likes to show that the people of this country are ignorant on many matters. So NDTV interviews a whopping 3 people to ask them if they know about the Right to Food bill. 

And while asking the third person - the knowledgeable NDTV reporter asks " Do you know anything about the Right to Food bill. It is a bill that guarantees an individual the right to free ration". 

A reporter who is woefully ignorant of the "Right to food bill" is asking citizens of this country whether they "know anything at all" about this bill. And NDTV plays the video; the anchor then sports a smirk and goes to ask a Nobel Laureate "what is your immediate reaction?".  To those unsuspecting citizens, Right to Food bill doesn't give "free ration". It gives subsidized ration. More details later. 

Hail Indian Media. 

Listen from 4:55 - 5:00 and laugh your hearts out! 

Update on Dec.21 - I sent a mail and Sonia Singh replied. 

The reporter made a mistake, we have informed him and corrected it on the show repeat. Not sure about the smirky smile, will try to correct that as well. Thank you for pointing it out.

I replied back asking her for the updated video and also why they were judgmental in the show. No reply on that yet. 


Indian Girl said...

watched and laughed. gr8 find

CodeNameV said...

The funny part is neither Amartya Sen nor Jean Dreze clarify to NDTV and the great Sonia Singh that "its not free ration, but subsidized ration". So, we wonder if FSB is politically motivated or not!

Anonymous said...

Goodnight mama is being paid by them.

Media Campaigns said...

This is a outstanding show. NDTV you are doing great.

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