Monday, December 26, 2011

Central govt.'s favours to UP in one month...

#Telugu newspaper eenadu has published the list of projects/benefits showered on UP in the last one month, by the Rahul Gandhi driven central government. 

Am translating the article here, for the benefit of the non-telugu reading audience. 

  • Nov.19 - a special package announced for the weavers of the state by the Union textiles minister.
  • Nov.24 - a Central agricultural university to be set up in Jhansi, Bundelkhand to assist the agriculturally backward Bundelkhand region. University to be named after Rani Jhansi.
  • Nov. 22 - A ministerial sub-committee was formed to study the prevention of "brain fever" deaths in about 14 districts in the Gorakhpur region. Many deaths are reported every year, but it is only this year that such a committee was set-up keeping an eye on the elections. 
  • Dec.17 - In the presence of Rahul Gandhi, Vayalar Ravi announced the setting up of a Rajiv Gandhi Aviation university in Furstaganj, Rai Baireily. Rai Baireily is represented by Sonia Gandhi in the Lok Sabha
  • Dec.18 - RLD leader Ajit Singh inducted as Civil Aviation minister into the union Cabinet. This move was necessiated keeping in the mind the large influence of Jat voters in western Uttar Pradesh
  • Dec.22 - To woo the muslim vote bank that was tilting towards Mulayam, centre takes an urgent decision to award a 4.5% reservation in education/jobs for muslims. 
  • Dec. 23 - Union Minister for steel, Beni Prasad Verma announces the setting up of a joint venture steel factory near Barabanki and Lakhimpurkheri. He signs an agreement to this effect in Lucknow. He further announces that similar ventures will come up at Jhansi, Hordoi and Mirzapur districts. 
  • Dec. 23 - National status has been granted to the Sarayunpur Yojana and Sarada Sahayak irrigation projects. As part of this grant, Rs. 3124 crores have been released to these two projects. It is mandated that only one project at a time can be granted this status, but with Rahul Gandhi's influence, two projects have been given national status. 
  • The food security bill is being introduced in Parliament with the Uttar Pradesh elections in mind. 

Some personal observations (some made in the local media too)

  • The aviation university granted to Sonia's constituency was expected to be set-up at the old Hyderabad airport. Most of the infrastructure needed in already present at this airport. As always, Andhra Pradesh, despite sending the largest number of Congress MPs, gets sidelined. And not a whimper of protest by our MPs here. 
  • AP government wants the central government to declare the Polavaram and Pranahita-Chevalla irrigation projects as "national projects". Only then will their works be speeded up. These project files are gathering dust with the central government, whilst out of the blue, 2 projects in UP are showered with Rs. 3124 crores. Perhaps we will get our national status sometime in Dec. 2013 too. All will hail Sonia and Rahul then. 
  • It was neither surprising nor shocking to see that the English TV media and print media have not covered this largesse of the central government. No such list has been prepared by any channel. They are all busy hyping up Rahul Gandhi as the only saviour of Uttar Pradesh.
Am now bracing up for "Rahul takes on Mayawati" headlines in the media everyday till Feb.28 (that's when elections end in UP). 


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