Sunday, July 3, 2011

That's all, Your Honour! : June 26 - July 2

1. This week, after a Supreme Court ordered audit, government authorities have started to do an inventory of the assets in Shri Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Thiruvanthapuram, Kerala. Take a guess at the value so far - a whopping Rs.90,000 crore/- and still counting! There are six chambers, A to F, that have to be opened. So far, 4 have been opened and we have assets worth Rs. 90,000 crore! (it is not a typo - Ninety Thousand Rupees)! Pure gold statues, coconut gold shells studded with stones like ruby, emeralds and many more, historical coins, and much much more. Some people are saying Rs.90,000 crore is just market value, if you add the historical value, the amount can go up much higher. If one temple in India has so much assets, just imagine how much money and other assets would have been looted from our country during the Mughal plunder and British raj. Sigh!

2. The Lokpal (or as fellow blogger realitycheckindia has coined, Jokepal :D) drama continues this week too. The team members of Anna Hazare went about meeting leaders of all political parties, and tried to enlist their support. They didn't even bother to go about explaining their draft version earlier to any political party! What is worse is the government's response - it has called for a all party meeting only after all it's calculations backfired massively. Civil society members not wanting to discuss with political parties may have been understandable, but what explains the government's ridiculous stand in not contacting any other party while drafting the bill with "civil society" members? And the government doesn't stop there. It stoops down further. Law Minister, Veerappa Moily enlightens us with this - "The civil society group has only tried to hijack the Congress agenda". hahahahahahahahahaha.... I can't stop laughing, I think even you cannot stop laughing!! hahahahahahaha..

3. The Prime Minister of our country spoke to five print editors this week. As expected he lectured on what needs to be done, but didn't utter a word on why it was not done till now. Nor did the editors ask that question. This blogpost discusses it in more detail. However, what we came to know today is that the Prime Minister lied yet again, in the course of this interview. He said former Sports Minister's objection to the CWG were only ideological and he did not have an idea about the functioning of Suresh Kalmadi. Media released letters written to the Prime Minister, in which specific complaints were made on Suresh Kalmadi, spending etc etc. Another lie of "honest" and "decent" Prime Minister nailed. That's all, Your Honour!


Anjali Devi said...

1.U missed one thing,HT confirmed that,the PM asked for Mani's letters aft HT nailed his lie.:-)wat's the use in reading his letters now???which was written b4 CWG loot..and the HT boasted it as an 'IMPACT':-) 2.Lokpal has been a cong agenda..true. but for how many years now?that's the prob:-):-)

CodeNameV said...

Sir, I was wondering if you missed "burnt evidence issue" :)

Sudhir said...

@Anjali - HT claiming it as an impact is such a joke. But I guess we should be thankful to them for releasing these letters - exposed another lie of this Prime Minister. About Lokpal - the less said, the better :)

@CodeNameV - nope, did not miss it :) Just that I find this Modi-baiting/bashing not news worthy anymore. It has become a routine affair, hence the non-mention of it :)


CodeNameV said...

Heheheee ... Hmm...thats not unreasonable :)

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