Sunday, July 10, 2011

That's all, Your Honour! : July 3-9

A very quick update this week.

1. The Supreme Court this week ordered the Chattisgarh and Central governments to disarm all the Special Police Officers (SPOs). The government trains the tribal youth in naxal prevalent areas in arms, and empowers them to fight the naxals. The SPOs, more famously known as Salwa Judum, have been around since 2005. The Supreme Court objected to their "employment" saying this violates many a constitutional principles and also it is dangerous to empower 5th class pass outs as police officers.

2. After his role in granting license to Aircel came under the scanner, Union Minister Dayanidhi Maran has resigned from the Cabinet. He is the second minister from DMK to resign over telecom issues. The Congress has so far been successfull in making this look like a DMK exclusive scam, but it looks like the day is not far away when bigwigs from the Congress will get implicated too. A recent PIL filed against Kapil Sibal has already accused him of favouring Reliance Comm to the tune of ~645 crores. Kapil Sibal has described the PIL as "malicious" :D

3. Last week, we talked about the enormous amount of treasure that was found in the Anantha Padmanabhaswamy temple in Kerala. This week, english TV channels were abuzz with discussions on where this "money" should go. When asked where the "money" is, no one bothered to reply. English TV channels also did not reply on why one would want to sell rare treasures from previous centuries? If that is the case, then perhaps we should start auctioning all the stuff in our museums too, your honour!


CodeNameV said...

Hahaaa...remember Nidhi's and Sonia's silly tweets? "Black Money and Trasure comparision"....couldnt ROTFLingMAO ... treasure is too tempting I guess ..... I dare them to distribute their savings among poor!

I was reminded of the great Indian Crab Story. No Crab lets any other Crab out of the pot. "I dont have it, so nobody should have it". Great concept. Hail Indian Media!

KD said...

Hey,u didn't write ur comments on the Salva Judam verdict..wat's that?

KD said...
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