Tuesday, March 8, 2011

5 years of "Weekly updates" ...

With last week's "That's all, Your Honour" blog piece, have completed 5 years of this series :). With the exception of very few Sundays (most of them, in the month of December only :D), this series went on continously for 5 years.

Prior to putting it on the blog, I used to send this out to my friends. Their support was very instrumental in ensuring the consistency of the series. Special thanks to them :). And special thanks to the readers of the blog :)

Just for kicks - am pasting below the first ever weekly sent by me. This is in Tinglish (Telugu + English), so non-telugu folks, please to excuse me :)

sare last week cheppinattu ee week nunchi.. last week lo emi jarigaayi ane news raasta annamata....

1. Indo -US Nuclear deal has been sent to the Congress of the US for approval. ippati nunchi Struggle start annamata. By the way...as usual edo okati anaali kada veedu...now he is not happy with Russia supplying fuel to one of India's nuclear plant...violation anta...what it is violating no one knows!! India said we are not violating anything...maa istham ani cheppindi. Russia said correct..we will keep on supplying fuel...we are not violating anything ani!!!

2. Milosevic ani oka pedda Dictator unde vaadu le...Serbia leader. He ordered killing of more than 250,000 people in the region (Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo) annamata, in the 90's. vaadini International court of justice lo trial ki pettaru long time back....he was found dead in his prison cell. natural causes anta.

3. Naxalites hijack a train in Jharkhand...later leave everyone unharmed.

4. Israel soldiers attack a jail in Palentine territories to kill a person who killed their minister some time back. idi chala interesting story...deeni meeda ee week lo oka roju expand chesi detail gaa raasta le...

5. Bird Flu malli vachindi...ee saari kuda Maharsthra loni 4 districts lo anta. again they have started to kill the birds (official term is "Culling the birds").

6. President Kalam visited Mynammar and Mauritus last week and signed two energy agreements annamata. actually it was his idea only. according to the agreement, India along with these two countries will explore for hydrocarbons on their coastlines for better energy resources, thereby improving our energy security. This is a very good deal.


1. Aus-SA match is the highlight of this week. Aus 434 kodite, SA adi chase chesindi!!!!

2. Kumble became the first Indian bowler to get 500 wickets in tests. 5th bowler in the world to do so.

1. Yuvaratna Balakrishna natinchina "Veerabhadra" audio ..fans "gandaragolam" madhya release ayyindi. music super hit ayyipoyindi...inka movie definite gaa super duper hit annamata...Jai Balayya...Jai Jai Balayya.

Group News:
1 and only Teja bought cell phone !!!!!


prashhanthkpp said...

A bit difficult, yet understandable (at times). A brave venture.

However, your blog should continue.

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