Sunday, February 6, 2011

That's all, Your Honour! : Jan.30-Feb.5

Short post - not feeling too well :(

1. 3 years after he ensured a massive loot of public money, Shri A. Raja has been arrested by the CBI. By arrest, if you are imagining that he is behind bars, you are mistaken. His own bed has been bought to him from his house, and he is just in CBI's custody for 5 days. The DMK party has decided to stand firmly behind this man. Last I heard, the party accused his opponents as maligning the messiah of Dalits etc etc blah blah. And as if this has been the most prompt action by any Prime Minister ever since we gained Independence, the Congress party is hoping to "neutralise" the BJP agenda! This is such a laughable matter - a loot of upto Rs.1,76,000 crores to the nation is a "BJP agenda" ? Demanding that a JPC be constituted to go comprehensively into all aspects of this SCAM (even questioning the Prime Minister) is a "BJP agenda" ? So the people of this country, whose resources have been sold at dead-cheap rates have no "agenda" to punish perpetrators of this crime? It is high time the ruling party realises that this demand for accountability is not just an opposition "agenda".

2. One more "agenda" of the BJP has been to question the rise in inflation. That it has been in double digits for such a long time is depressing. That the Prime Minister of this country lied to us more than once about the deadline by which the prices will come down is disgusting. The latest deadline we get is March. And in Feb 1st week, the food inflation is 17.07%. On what basis has the Prime Minister said that it will come down by March? Or by coming down, does he mean it will come down to 14% ? Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee is saying that the government has no "magic wand" to tame inflation - if so, on what basis is this March deadline being foisted upon us? Another lie in the making? Another mockery on the anvil?

3. News just in - Chiranjeevi's PRP announces merger with Congress. Apparently, Chiranjeevi whose key plank was social justice and elimination of corruption is satisfied with the Congress President's response on Adarsh, 2G, and Commonwealth Games!!! More next week, your honour!


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