Sunday, February 27, 2011

That's all, Your Honour! : Feb.20-26

1. "Antrix-Devas deal never came to government approval", confirmed our Prime Minister on the floor of the Parliament. "The Union Cabinet today gave its approval to undertake design, develop & launch GSAT-6 / INSAT-4E, a multi-media mobile satellite system," - that's how the Press Information Bureau of India begins to describe the Cabinet note of Dec.1, 2005 !! So the Prime Minister lied yet again. If the Cabinet was not told about Devas Multimedia limited, is that not a big scandal too? All such deals by ISRO have to be okayed by the Space Commission. The Space Commission consists of the National Security Advisor, Cabinet Secretary, the chairman of ISRO etc. The chairman of ISRO obviously knew about the deal. It is just implausible to believe that the Space Commission did not find it fit enough to ask questions about the satellite etc! And if the Space Commission knew, that means the Cabinet Secretary knew, and yet the Cabinet did not know?? If the Chairman of ISRO did not let the Space Commission know, then is that not wrong?? The Prime Minister, as always, just denies any wrongdoing from his part, and since he is "honest", we ask no more questions! Lying on the face has become the norm, really ! And in other news, he agrees to set up a JPC to enquire into the 2G scam.

2. Maoists (terrorists) have released the junior engineer, and district collector whom they held captive for 9 days. They didn't release them out of any largeese or any sympathy. They released because the Odisha government accepted all of their 14 demands (which included releasing of some of arrested Maoists). Wait - there's more drama. After the government accepted their 14 demands, the Maoists (terrorists) release only the Junior engineer and place more demands for the release of the Collector. The collector was released the next day, but we don't know if the demands have been met or not. The Chief Minister proudly says they didn't give in to the demands of the Maoists, the second time! He forgets to tell us that they met all 14 of their demands in the first place! Fellow blogger, Chaitanya very neatly elucidates here, how the government could not even get itself to conduct a rescue operation in the first place. Needless to say, this emboldens the Maoists to carry out many such operations in the future. The abducted collector has carried out many many developmental works in the district. Maoists (terrorists) have not allowed the administration to build roads. They now abduct a person who has done a lot for the people. Yet, not one of those shrieking "intellectuals" who were very quick to express outrage at the Binayak Sen verdict, haven't even uttered a word against Maoists (terrorists).

3. Exactly 9 years ago, 59 passengers (kar sevaks, women, children) were burnt alive when a mob set fire on the coach in which they were travelling, at Godhra railway station. This sparked of riots in Gujarat over the next 1-2 days. This week, a special fast track trial court confirmed that there was indeed a conspiracy to burn the coach and it convicted 32 people for this crime. 61 were acquitted. Many "intellectuals" did not buy the conspiracy theory, but again they went silent when the court verdict came out. Some of them said that the BJP should answer to the people of this country why 61 innocent people had to spend 9 years in jail. Er, why should BJP answer?? It was these "intellectuals" and NGOs that fought for staying the trial of this case!! Read the timeline here (compiled by fellow tweeter, centerofright) and see how these false "intellectuals" were responsible for the delay. And they blame BJP for this!

4. The NAC is back. With a bang! Apparently, they "have the full mandate" to draft bills as they wish to. It is upto the government to accept them or reject them itseems. "Full mandate" only means the invincible Sonia Gandhi has given the members the go-ahead for bashing the government, even if it scents that the government is not keen to listen to them. They also apparently have "convinced" the government on changes that need to be made to RTI and the Forest Right Act. NAC has power, no responsibility. Government has no power, only responsibility! Welcome to this political circus, your honour!


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