Tuesday, September 30, 2014

How The Hindu played along with Rahul's agenda

The following article has been written for Niti Central. Pasting it for reference:
I could not watch Parliament proceedings yesterday, but heard from news that Rahul Gandhi charged into the Well of the House. Channels were excited and in their happiness regarding “Rahul taking charge”, forgot that this was Parliament behaviour at its worst. In fact, from watching the channels, I didn’t even know why he charged into the Well of the House.
I get two newspapers at home in the morning. The Hindu and Eenadu (largest circulated Telugu newspaper). I could not but feel a sense of disbelief after looking at the coverage of this issue in The Hindu.
Rahul Gandhi's tamasha in Parliament, The Hindu plays ball
Rahul takes on Government”. The report conveys to us that after this “protest”, the Speaker has allowed for a discussion on “Communal Violence” in the country. Rahul Gandhi, in his brief interaction with the Press, complained that they were not being allowed to speak in the Lok Sabha!
Then I read the front page of Eenadu. It is not a banner headline, but is a front page headline.
Rahul Gandhi's tamasha in Parliament, The Hindu plays ball
The headline reads: ‘Rahul gets angry’. Five bylines are given. I will highlight the last three bylines here:
Venkaih Naidu asks Congress to list out the places where communal clashes have happened. Puts Opposition in a spot. “
Now, when I read the report from The Hindu, I had no clue, absolutely no clue that Venkaiah Naidu posed this question and the Congress did not respond. Only after reading Eenadu did I come to know that the Government gained the upper hand.
Story is not over yet. I move to the inside pages. Here’s The Hindu telling us in detail how Sonia Gandhi “orchestrated” the entire protest.
Rahul Gandhi's tamasha in Parliament, The Hindu plays ball
Ms Gandhi was seen instructing her party members….”
“She was also seen urging TMC members to join the protest”.
Nice choice of words — “Instructing”, “Urging” — it’s almost as if The Hindu is excited about Sonia Gandhi’s and Rahul Gandhi’s actions. The two supreme leaders of the Congress behave in a manner unworthy of the positions they hold. And not a squeal from our media on this!
Then I read the entire report in Eenadu. I will paste the crucial part here, and give you a rough translation:
Rahul Gandhi's tamasha in Parliament, The Hindu plays ball
Eenadu tells us, “Of late, there have been increased instances of communal clashes only from Uttar Pradesh. This explains the silence of Mulayam in the House. He cannot afford to join hands with the Congress on this protest. Despite repeated requests from the Congress, the TMC has also refused to join the protest
Eenadu has bothered to tell its readers that increased communal clashes are seen only in UP and SP is in power there. The Hindu tells us that Sonia “urged” TMC to join the protest. Eenadu tells us that the TMC has ignored this request.
BJD MP Jay Panda tweets: “LS adjournments due to disturbances by the largest oppn party (including their leaders). Sm1 asked me what they want. My guess: relevance.”
Even this tweet finds no mention in the report by The Hindu. I am glad I have access to various sources of information. What about those who don’t have this access? This was pretty much the coverage style of the entire English language TV media as well. Instead of calling out the boorish behaviour of the party President and Vice-President, we are treated to a “Rahul takes on Government” and “Sonia supports Rahul” report.
Congress, with its communal agenda, seems to be raking up passions. Sections of the media seem more than willing to play their game. Pity our discourse is stooping to new lows daily.


Unknown said...

The Hindu , despite it's claim of being a national newspaper throwing light onto the truth, it does remain loyal to a left - central spectrum in politics. No wonder it's now taking sides with the Congress while reporting events..

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