Sunday, November 13, 2011

That's all, Your Honour! : Nov 6 -12

After a break for about 2 months, trying to revive back this weekly series. Starting with a short update this week... hopefully from next week, will be giving full time updates :)

1. Indian english TV media continues to fool the viewers and get away with such crap. Last week, the famous Sagarika Ghose who runs a show "Face the nation" (FTN at 10pm on CNN-IBN every night, openly cheated her viewers. FTN planned to carry a live debate on Sri Sri Ravishankar ji's "campaign" in UP against corruption. The recorded an interview with him a couple of hours before the show. And then at 10pm, Sagarika Ghose informed the viewers that Sri Sri is live with them along with three other panelists !! Shocked? Here's more shocking news.... at about 9 minutes into the program, Sagarika actually asks Sri Sri to respond to severe criticism by one of the panelists! Please watch the program to see the despicable manner in which Sagarika "questions" Sri Sri. Knowing fully well that Sri Sri cannot respond, this great journalist with a totally condescending tone, demanded that Sri Sri "respond" to criticism! This Indian Express article tears apart the entire program and her defense after that. Please read to understand the depth of the deceit this journalist resorted to. And they apologized later in the night - not because their conscience said so, but because their bluff was called by alert viewers. From her defense, Sagarika Ghose has clearly implied that these things happen very regularly. And they got away with a "small apology". That's what Sagarika Ghose said on at the end of her show the next day - - before ending, a "small apology". A pity really.

2. Here's more pitiful stuff. Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh again met Pakistan's Prime Minister. That's not the pituful stuff. Returning from that meeting (actually there was a SAARC summit in Maldives but we all know that the only purpose SAARC serves is these bilateral meetings), our Prime Minister had this to say - "Indo-Pak relations are subject to accidents". That's right - he terms all those multiple terror attacks that emanated from Pakistan's soil as "accidents". Worse, he calls the despicable 26/11 attacks as an "incident". This man's obsession with Pakistan is worse than that of jilted lover. This Prime Minister is ready to go to any extent to appease international community that he will lose sight of domestic apprehensions. Simple question - for starters can this man answer what exactly has Pakistan done in the three years since 26/11 happened? That's all, your honour!


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