Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The other side of the argument..

We've been hearing a lot about the fiasco in Egypt by the Indian delegation. If you are interested in listening to the other side of the argument (nope, it is not from the government!), today's article in The Hindu by Siddarth Varadarajan gives it. Click here to read the article.
I just thought we should also listen to the other side to get a complete picture, and I still stick to the fact this whole bungling could have been avoided. I will write more about this topic tomorrow, since the PM is scheduled to make a statement today in Parliament.
The Foreign Secretary said this was a case of bad drafting. The Minister of State for External Affairs said that this is not a legal document, so why the ruckus about it? The Minister for External Affairs said...well, nothing! Let's see what the PM has to say and then continue the debate ...