Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The clouds have eclipsed the solar eclipse!

For about two months, I have been hoping that one fine morning when I get up and go into the balcony, it will be raining, for that sight is something I love! And guess when that prayer was answered? On a day, that will not reoccur till 2132 again! (maybe, I should now start praying for a really loooonnggg life :D). Today was supposed to be the longest solar eclipse in this century, and Hyderabad was supposed to be in the zone where the eclipse will be at 80%.

The eclipse was supposed to start at 5:52am. I woke up at 4:30am, and was at Necklace road by 5:30am! Not a soul to be seen around! Well, given the fact that it was drizzling outside, I expected fewer people, but no one?! Till about 6:00am, the only company I had was pigeons flying and buffaloes grazing! Speaking of pigeons, I try to get a little closer to get a better shot and they fly! I mean, couldn't they have been a little more patient?! Couldn't they see that I was already having a bad day?! In contrast, the buffaloes were more co-operative: P

A couple came at around 6:05, hoping (against hope, just like me) to capture any pictures, and they ended up taking pictures of pigeons around, again just like me!

It was dark at 5:30, but was bright enough at 6:00 (just like any other cloudy day has been), and it just stayed like that till about 6:30!! The 80% eclipse was supposed to have occured at 6:21am. I thought that atleast the brightness would change, so we could end up atleast experiencing the eclipse, if not watching it! But nothing changed. The birds' behaviour didn't change, the brightness didn't change, the drizzle didn't stop, and the number of people at that place remained 3! The only thing that changed was my mood; from frustration to.... well, more frustration!

I was particularly excited because the view of the rising sun from Necklace road is nice (round, and bright red; if you travelled on Necklace road at ~6, you will know what I am talking about :D). And my imagination was that we will get to see the moon eclipsing a rising sun, and it would have been a sight to behold! I had some more ideas about when to take pictures … you know, I had everything planned out! And nothing worked!

The dark clouds played real spoilsport, of all days, today. They simply eclipsed the eclipse :(

PS: Since I have anyway taken some pictures, presenting some of them here!



hmmm so yu took the pic on 21st, n trying tu tell us it was taken on 22nd??

eh?? :-D !

I, Me, Myself ! said...

hehe...I got his camera from the US recently, and the date is still set to US time :)

- Sudhir

V J Sasidhar said...

Do not worry you do not have to wait so long to see 2 hr eclipse. It will come again. The longest was refering to the path of the eclipse.

But I can not believe you woke up at 4:30 am. was a time in place of p.

V J Sasidhar said...

err.. 'a' typed in place of 'p'?????

appu said...

I totally empathize with you. I prayed for rains and cloudy days and they spoilt the fun for me today morning. Woke up at 5:30 am and waited in vain for 2 hours before going back to sleep :).

Rani said...

LOLLLL...nice one Sudhir

SysErr said...

do you intend to take up photography seriously ? get a canon rebel my man !

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures ra ... Panuku

Teja said...

Being in USA, I was hoping you would watch and describe it here...but emi chestam...your leg is no normal leg kada...

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