Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lightening things ...

For those of you following AP politics, I need not give a special intorduction about the person I am going to write. For those of you who don't, you need to know about this man called K.A.Paul !!! hahahahahaha, that very name is making me laugh loudly !!

He manages to plunge himself into further depths of ridicule every passing day. His statements are so funny that for anybody in depression, the best medicine is to watch Paul's statements. From about last year, his mental status has degraded to unfathomable lows.

He tells us that he didnt like the rigidity of George Bush and so made Obama the President. Yes, you read it right. He made Obama the President by suggesting the slogan CHANGE.

He is not interested in small and cheap post like that of the Chief Minister.

He has guaranteed Satyam employees that he will form a comittee with all the CEO's he knows and then will research and investigate the fraud and do justice. He told us that he gave the government of Liberia Rs. 10,000 crores. Yes, you read it right again... the government of Liberia.

Also, by the way, all world leaders follow only his advice. He has travelled all countries of the world and met leaders like Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi etc and prevented many large scale wars it seems.

Sonia Gandhi has made sure that his name is deleted from the voters list... it doesnt matter that he is actually not staying in the house... it is a conspiracy by none other than Sonia. That's it.

He opened a ridiculous website, and promised that whoever ensured that one lakh people joined the site will get an MP ticket.

He had a list of 3000 candidates ready for the elections, and guess what... YSR had the sheet stolen it seems!!!! Yes... you again read it right. YSR ( since he has lot of free time ) tooks the pains of planning a theft against K.A.Paul.

Politicians in the state are all vary about him it seems. So much that some one stole the mikes from a ground where he was supposed to address "lakhs of his supporters", and therefore he could not conduct the meeting.

Flash news!!! K.A.Paul's name has been deleted from the voter's list. He doesn't stay at the address he has provided!! Yet, he finds the spine to go to the Chief Electoral Officer and create a ruckus for two hours!! The drama ended with his arrest!

I am pretty sure he is not done yet!!! With such people around, there seems to be no worry that these elections will be deviod of any fun :D. Thanks Paul, for your serious comedy and lightening things up !