Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bullet points...

Sometime back, I compiled a list of major issues that, I felt, should go into the manifesto of political parties. Reproducing them here:

I know this will be a long list, and I know some ( or maybe most ) of the points are wishful thinking. But surely, there is hope - for if a Nitish Kumar can successfully make development, and not caste, the major issue in Bihar; if a Modi can make development, and not religion, a major issue in Gujarat, if a Naidu could make development, and not charisma, a major issue in AP - surely India awaits many more such leaders... With that, here are my views..


  • Connectivity in the country is a key factor assisting in development
  • Roads, transport system, power, water, sanitation, trees etc. - all help in the development of the country
  • Improved Tourism will be an automatic by product of better infrastructure, bringing in more foriegn exchange and also awareness about India.
  • Should not look at it as a profit making venture, public convenience should be the only driving factor


  • The key to combat corruption
  • Need to create awareness campaigns to let people know about their rights
  • Assist in effective use of the RTI Act
  • A No-nonsense leader should make sure his attitude trickles down as much as possible


  • Employable education is important
  • Purposeful education has to be the motivation
  • It should inculcate wisdom, civic responsibility, helping nature and more importantly, positivism
  • Need to stress on the roles of teachers - a factor that is convienently overlooked
  • School buildings should have basic infrastructure - benches, boards, library, and food.


  • Encourage agricultural research projects. Increase funding for such institutions
  • Keep farmers constantly updated on key developments in this field, and also invovle them in research activities
  • Provide the right kind of subisidies, and agricultural inputs
  • Continously revisit the MSP policy
  • It is the backbone of our country, deal with it with the importance it deserves.


  • Best solution is to heavily fund for infrastructure in government hospitals.
  • Improve facilities in them, and automatically their acceptability will increase
  • Mobile clinics, and mobile awareness vans to create awareness on cleanliness of our surroundings, and the importance of hygiene


  • This is another form of purposeful education
  • Provide infrastructure facilities, like stadiums and playgrounds at affordable rates
  • Encourage kids to take up sports
  • Remove the apprehensions that sports is too much of a Bureaucratic affair.


  • Create opportunities for backward people to grow.
  • Encourage small scale industries on a very large scale
  • Enable their long established livelihoods (fishing, weaving, sculpting etc) with modern equipment
  • Enable PSU's with more skill
  • Let them not remain backward, instead show them the way forward


  • Human Resources are under utilized in our country
  • Development through youth - involve them in developmental works
  • Development through women - involve them in decision making
  • Development of children - prepare them for better contributions to nation building


  • Laziness is pretty rampant
  • Leader needs to inculcate a new spirit of working and win the confidence of employees
  • Make them happy and appeal to their sense of responsibility, and then efficient administration will automaticall follow. The best example is what the DGP of AP has done ( will talk about this in the next blog)


  • Strengthen our intelligence organisations, and relieve them of the stagnancy they have been affected with.
  • Radical changes are the need of the hour - show the strength to do it


  • Enormous potential opportunities
  • Tap the resources for rural development
  • Creation of wealth is huge here, enable distribution of wealth too.


  • Lot of people in our country suffer from lack of awareness, so it is important that we encourage people to be armed with information
  • Information can be related to anything and everything - from agriculture to infrastructure, from health to sports, and from corruption to awards - people need to be kept in the know

I could have elaborated more on each topic, but then it will be too long. Hence, restricted myself to just Bullet Points :-)


Anonymous said...

Let us hope that these wishes come true.

Sudhir, I wish you to write some thing hypothetical situations of each political party/alliance in AP and in INDIA.

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