Friday, March 13, 2009


Change. An oft repeated word these days the world over. With it's resounding success recently, it gave hope around the world that with hard work, conviction and passion, anything was possible. Megastar Chiranjeevi was no different. So much that he is even using Obama’s picture equating himself with Obama!

The promise he held at the time of jumping into politics was immense. At that time, people expected the whole party to have a refreshing look and feel. We knew that a couple of family members will hold central power, but that was ok considering the fact that there will be multiple leaders born with the aim of actually transforming the society. At that time, people expected history to be made, and wanted not just to be a witness, but to be a part of it. At that time, people were ready to give him the power, give him the “one chance” he is asking for right now. The day he announced his arrival, the promise still held good. He promised a new culture, a new look, a new initiative and a bright future.

And then the defections started. Not in small measure that too. Tall leaders from other parties were randomly being accepted into the party. It became an everyday spectacle on TV to see old and torn leaders announcing that they will usher in change with Chiranjeevi.

And then the tour started. A full 1 ½ month after he announced his arrival, he began touring the state. And that’s when we fully realised the extent of his knowledge and preparation that went into the speeches. Either they lacked content or they were just insipid in nature. If both oratory and content is lacking in a speech, how good is the speech then? This surprised a lot of people again. For there was unbelievable hype before his entry into politics; that he is getting fully acquainted with all problems; that he is now ready with answers for 1200 questions; that they have all infrastructure ready etc. And we all know he can speak good in front of an audience. The first leg of the tour killed all these myths!

And then his brother, Pawan Kalyan came into the picture. One of the first things he did was to name all the Congress leaders he could see on a poster near the ground he was talking, and ridicule them to the fullest. Chiranjeevi promised us that there will be no personal attacks, because that culture is what has pushed AP politics into an abyss. That day, Chiranjeevi jumped into that Abyss too. I guess he was not contended with just jumping into the Abyss. He wanted to dig into it further.

And then his women’s wing President, Sobha Rani, came. She used language against the President of TDP’s women wing that was cheap, derogatory and inflammatory at the same time. She directly questioned the character of Roja prompting an equally disgusting response from Roja. But Roja never promised us that she will remain decent. So Chiranjeevi successfully dug further, and ushered in a much worse culture into the politics of the state.

And then the draft manifesto was released. And with it, the final promise of a new initiative died too. There were new schemes, but no new initiatives. The schemes all centered on again providing free stuff to people (we’ll talk about this topic in another blog!), and were only populist in nature. It was clear that Chiranjeevi had no clue as to how to implement these policies and more importantly how to sustain them.

Chiranjeevi can surely not become the Chief Minister now. Listen to him speak, and you will realise the same. He doesn’t have the grey matter to run a state. With the hope of a new culture and the expectation of a new generation of politics gone, the only hope he has now is to be in a position to decide who will become the CM. For that he should atleast hold the promise of ushering in fresh candidates. If he is bold enough to give fresh candidates’ atleast half the assembly tickets, he will surely be in a position to dictate who governs the state.

All along, Chiranjeevi’s speeches have transformed from rhetoric to ritualistic; from cultured to wayward; and from promise to ridicule!

Change he can, did we think? Oops !!


Sudhir said...

60 years of Direct/Indirect(outside support to I.K.Gujral,Deve Gowda etc) rule of Congress has ruined this country.It is shame that even today we dont have citizenship card.We have to show our drivers license,etc to prove that we are INDIAN citizen or for that matter address proof.
Congress party claims credit for the economic developement and boom in service industries...this credit is not because of congress rule at all...
This credit should go to indian working class and some business entrepreneur's who explored new ideas/exposed india to outside world. This way we got business from outside world to our service industries..IT services is part of that.
Also not to forget 60 years of congress rule in india saw part of kashmir being lost to our neighbour despite winning war(BIGGEST SHAME), and congress party which also portrays NEHRU as father figure within party, did think about panchsheel before sending troops to Sri Lanka. Congress never does walk the talk.
Why congress party always looks towards one family(GANDHI FAMILY), when decision to choose for highest executive position of country(PM)....Prime ministership is not some families inherited property?

Anonymous said...

Very good Analysis of the overall performance of PRP. AS you said if he had given chance to freshers (may be his fans :) ) then PRP would have played a key role in the elections. I think you can send this analysis to chiranjeevi so that he can review his steps and correct atleast some of them if possible :-)

Anonymous said...


good analysis. Change does not come from heaven. It has start from nowhere. But as the "CHANGE" is a good word that lures the common man, many-a-people like the unchanged people like Chiranjeevi speaks about it.

With the encouragement to shift parties, ethics and heavy money spending for road shows, what is the change that he can bring in. First of all these,what is the change is brought to the film industry, increased budgets and reduced profits to producers?

As the AP's richest family, did they spend single rupee for any of the social uplifting activities? Did he help single film worker (Daily wage) or their children for getting better education. Did he ever brought any of the film worker grievances to administration, he always talked about the hike in tickets and the need for reducing the taxes on the production to do favour the rich producers.

Anonymous said...

I dont agree with the above so called analysis by few. So many have joined PRP from so many parties, thats true but did you see all of them who have joined are in the list of poll candidaures? no.
So comment about it when you see the candidates list announcement. His present candidates list are only 3, himself, a backward women and a film technician. ALL FRESH FACES.

When it comes to CHANGE slogan from OBAMA we all liked as if we all reside in US and US citizens. Wished OBAMA to become victorious. When one of our own resides and wants to implement same here why cant we accept?

Anantha Mohan said...

You just posted my thoughts.
When a party is Launched by a person, showcasing movies like Tagore, Rudraveena characters, people obviously waiting for the "change" the "REAL Change". As time passed the PRP became just another party like in Andhra Pradesh, with same faces whom people hated or doesn't want to see.
All my hope and expectations are gone in vain. Only left option of clean politics is the LokSatta, which has many challenges for it to really reach the people. I feel it can run well as an institution rather a party.

Anonymous said...

Dawn to dusk ..every newspaper and every channel speaks/shows the same. Whats new and thought provoking in these blogs

Anonymous said...

Please think practicality about the politics before criticising.Every on has to make the balance while striving for a change. For last 30 years all we know he is a service minded person. I believe in "Yadha Raja Thada Praja". The newly joined some of the corrupt politicians to PRP are again just people. He would bring a change in them as well. Please stop passing criticising comments on a Good leader. In a way you are encouraging the age old dirty political parties existing. You should look for the best among and believe in the positive change.

Anonymous said...

Is this Content taken from SAKSHI new paper?

Anonymous said...

I don;t agree with all fresh face comment. the lady he announced after his name is ARUNA TARA from Jukkal.

she is an ex-mla.

Anonymous said...

I dono what change chiru wants to make.if chiranjeevi wants to project himself trough his movies like Indra ,Tagore and say gandhigiri through Shankar dada movies he's completely wrong.

if he really wants to project himself trough movies and spread gandhigiri .he should follow Rudraveena movie. This movie sets perfect example of what Grama swrajayam and social justice is.

but in his realistic life he does every thing opposite like he says that he ban liquor but his main party leaders have PUB's in Hyd and social justice then no way he followed this..if he really wished to provide social justice why his second daughter is still not accepted..

when he's really so concerned for people,y he didn't raise the same questions when he didn't start a party.

We the people r so foolish to believe some one who travels is A/c caravan's .....

so PRP is another party to loot common man's money...


SysErr said...

Interesting article. Even more interesting responses. Looks like we have quite a few change mongering, anonymity preferring wishful thinkers who did not find this article in good taste. Understandably so. It reminds me of my mindset back in 2004. Me being a big time fan of our then "ceo-cum-cm" did not like the exit polls or the election result itself. It took me a while to accept the reality and much more time to understand the reasons behind it.

Satya said...

I see that a lot of people commented about defections into PRP and rightly questioned the feasibility of implementing change. But lets take a moment to see if the party can score any seats if defections are not allowed. As we all know most of the constituencies in AP are controlled by strong people/families. No matter which party they support these people are going to win . There is no way PRP is going to win if they did not accept these individuals and if they dont win no CHANGE is possible. To get some capability to CHANGE something ..PRP will need substantial seats. Once they do that ..doesn't matter how ..they can atleast try to CHANGE .which is definitely not possible with Cong or TDP. So the idea may be to get that strong hold first and then try to implement their ideas/CHANGE. All these defections might get upset and leave later ..that might still work out fine, since once you get a chance to do something people will take notice. The Key is here getting a chance to do something and if PRP denies defections they might not even get a chance to try.. CHANCE is important after all .

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