Friday, March 20, 2009

Dy"nasty" politics

The myth that is Rajiv Gandhi

"When a big tree falls, the earth is bound to shake". This was Rajiv Gandhi's reaction as Prime Minister when asked why nothing is being done to control the anti-Sikh riots in 1984. A lot of fanatic people took to the streets of Delhi and mercilessly killed any Sikh they came across. Two Sikhs killed Indira Gandhi and 3000 Sikhs were killed later in these riots. And nothing was done to stop the riots.

Does the whole situation sound familiar?? Godhra right? This is exactly what happened in Godhra. Instead of Sikhs, 2000 Muslims were mercilessly killed. Narendra Modi is justifiably vilified for inaction during those days.

Now, here's my question... How is Rajiv Gandhi's inaction a lesser crime compared to Modi's?

Consider this. Congress led by Rajiv Gandhi won 445 seats in 1984 elections. The sympathy wave after Indira's death translated into so many seats. In the 1989 elections, the Congress party won 198 seats !! The fall has been massive. In the 1991 elections, Congress won 223 seats. The second phase of polling was conducted after Rajiv Gandhi was killed. And yet Congress party could not win a majority in the Parliament.

Now, the only benchmark of success in a Parliamentary democracy is the Lok Sabha elections. If a Prime Minister can oversee such a massive fall in the vote share, how can we treat him to be a successful politician or the visionary India never had?

P.V. Narasimha Rao oversaw the worst phase in Indian governance, and bought the country back to track. Why is he never ever mentioned in any of the party conclave? Why are his efforts never recognized at all by the Congress Party? They say that during P.V. Narasimha Rao's time, the PM's office was dragged into corruption charges.

Now, here's my question. What about Bofors scandal then? How is that a lesser crime compared to P.V.'s?

Rajiv Gandhi undoubtedly bought with him youthful energy. Unfortunately that was just not enough to run the country. Indira Gandhi groomed Sanjay Gandhi to be her successor, but his untimely death forced Rajiv to jump into politics. He was clearly not ready to lead India, but he had no choice either. To glorify Rajiv Gandhi to some cult status despite him suffering so many setbacks is something that beats any logic.

The bigger myth that is Rahul Gandhi

He is just a joke. Forgive me for my language, but that's what he is. A big joke. Clearly bereft of any historical understanding ( evident from "my family won bangladesh" statement), he comes across as a reluctant son trying to take over the mantle of his father. The hype around him is getting to him, and it is very clear in the way he talks.

He was made responsible for 6 elections so far, and Congress lost all of them. Why then is he still being touted as the future PM by the sycophants in the party? Why should only he be groomed, when there are so many others who are showing much more promise?

The reality of Sonia Gandhi

Her slow and steady rise in the Indian political scenario would have been a remarkable story, if she was not a member of the family. Ever since she took over the reins of the party in 1998 ( by the way, she had to resort to a coup to unseat Sitaram Kesri as the President ), Congress party has seen a lot of defeats. Anybody else in her position would have just been shown the door.

That's when 2004 happened, and she has been exalted to a demi-god status. Post 2004 too, the party received umpteen set backs, but never once did Sonia Gandhi come out and tell "I take responsibility for the defeat". The sycophants in the party are quick to absorb her of any role in any mis-calculation the party does, but are quicker to glorify her when the party wins. Any other person in that post, and they would have had to resign for the kind of defeats the party had to face.

Either way, she oversaw the 2004 victory for Congress which came as a fresh breather to the party and has also slowly increased her acceptability in the country. Her presence at the helm is what makes the party stronger, and if that is the way they want it to be, we cannot dispute that. However, my problem is that the leader is never blamed for defeats; she is only glorified for the victories.

Arrest Varun Gandhi

Just arrest him. Better yet, ban him from contesting. He seems to be very good at spreading hatred, just like his father.

I don't have a fundamental objection to family members being asked to take over the mantle. They have to be eligible though. They have to be intelligent and sensitive enough to represent people. They should have the strength to stand up and fight for issues they believe in, and grow up the ladder. And if it is for the post of the Prime Minister, then the expectation surely will change. It should not become the birth right of the person born into a political family to get into politics. That just is nasty, opening the doors for Dy"nasty" politics.


Anonymous said...

Sudhir-can empathize your agro - and i agree to your point that no one else is being groomed. i have a question , who decides as to who is the next successor within party. Does public not get to have a say. At this rate Dy-nasty stuff will never die.

shivku said...

You are never going to win an argument with "He did it, why cant I do it" tone. Your blog is full of it. Even if there is truth in what you are saying, it wont come across to neutral people.

Anonymous said...

hey this is Amar. went to school with your brother in Hyderabad...just wanted to tell you that your doing a good job in writing about Indian politics.i totally agree to what youve said specially regarding rahul and sonia..keep blogging bro!!

syserr said...

i was watching "manchurian candidate", got reminded of rahul gandhi

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