Thursday, June 16, 2016

Is the new Leftist Icon becoming as irrelevant as the Left?

The following article was written for MyInd Makers. Reposting it here for reference. 

Rohith is my icon” – Kanhaiya Kumar 
Rohith fought for what he believed to be the truth” – Rahul Gandhi 
Common Dalits are upset with the track record of Sitaram Yechury” – Rohith Vemula

Here is a picture of Kanhaiya Kumar, published two days ago in The Hindu, happily sharing stage with Sitaram Yechury, and campaigning for the Left.

Here are news items confirming a deal between Congress party (whose face is Rahul Gandhi) and the Left parties for the upcoming West Bengal elections (this is worse than merely sharing stage).

The Lutyen’s cabal has very conveniently ignored Rohith Vemula’s facebook posts on CPI(M) , Sitaram Yechury, and SFI driving a wedge between dalits. They have very conveniently ignored Rohith’s comments on video saying he is basically taught to be violent by the Ambedkar Student Association.

The technical wizard that Sitaram Yechury is, he claims that the facebook account of Rohith Vemula has not been authenticated and therefore no credence has to be given to it! No really, take a look at the facebook page, where Rohith has updated his pictures, his thoughts etc. It would really take a special kind of person to believe that this is not Rohith’s page!  

Kanhaiya Kumar is on record calling the murderous Naxals as martyrs. He is on record saying Indian Army must stop raping women in Kashmir. He has been officially reprimanded by JNU, last year, for urinating in public and insulting a woman who questioned his act. Have you seen the media question him about these acts of his?

Yesterday, he came to Hyderabad and did some drama. In fact, he addressed a press conference too. Was he asked about his abusive behavior? Obviously not. The same redundant questions were repeated, before he left to the HCU to do his drama. Sources (yes, I too have them!) have confirmed that the media contingent was much larger than the actual students who had assembled to “welcome” Kanhaiya.

He was not allowed into the campus, so he started his boring rhetoric again. Suddenly, Barkha Dutt came to life, and tweets that Kanhaiya claims his car is stoned. There was a vast contingent of media following Kanhaiya right from the time he landed at the airport. Not a single proof exists of this claim – all Kanhaiya had to do was to make a claim and Barkha Dutt made it her headline of the evening.

Couple of days ago, on March 22nd, students went on a rampage and caused damage to the Vice Chancellor’s office. They resorted to violence, and the police resorted to lathi charge. Sitaram Yechury went on an over-drive condemning the “police violence” – Not a single word about the violence by the students. And neither was he asked to comment on that by the media! The non-teaching staff have gone on a strike, protesting against the violence and harassment by the students. What are the headlines we read? No food, no water in JNU! Even after the strike has been called off, the cabal keeps tweeting news about “no food”!

28 students have been arrested by the Telangana police (For the Lutyen’s cabal, it is a tragedy that a non-BJP party is ruling Telangana. How can they now attribute motives to Modi?). There are many “non-dalits” in this list too – who exactly is driving them to do all this?

Kanhaiya Kumar and the likes of him, are on a free ride going around the country to spread hatred and inflame redundant passions. The audience that they cater to, is diminishing by the day. However, the coverage they get in some media outlets increases at the same rate, at which their thought process diminishes. The twin events of Rohith’s unfortunate suicide, and the Feb. 9th JNU rally have brazenly exposed the filth in the media – they wouldn’t mind creating divide in the minds of the people, just to berate Modi and the BJP. Unfortunately for them, many people of the country are much smarter than the cabal thinks they are!


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