Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Childish behaviour from Congress on Children's day!

The following article was written for Niti Central. Pasting it here for reference. 

Often during the past six months, I have wondered when the bankruptcy in the thought process of the Congress will end. The petty issues they have picked up, the undignified language they keep using against the party in power keeps exposing this bankruptcy. However, what I read today in the newspapers gave me absolute clarity on why Congress will continue down the path of self-destruction.

On of the front page of The Hindu today “Anxious Cong. keeps PM out of Nehru meet“.
Children’s Day – Childish behaviour from Nehru’s Congress

However, what’s striking is the quote above it. It is attributed to Anand Sharma, spokesperson of the Congress.

“We have invited all those who truly believe in democracy and Nehru’s ideals.”

The Congress just called the democratically elected Prime Minister of India someone who does not believe in democracy! The party wants to commemorate India’s first Prime Minister and refuses to call the current Prime Minister of India to this function.

Words fail me! With such complete lack of respect for the democratic verdict of the people of India, it beats me as to what the Congress’s plans might be to revive itself in the future.

The story doesn’t end here. The news report accompanying the headline exposes the party even further.
“…the Congress fears that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will either appropriate the first Prime Minister or attempt to reduce him to a mere children’s icon.”
A mere children’s icon? The Congress named his birthday as Children’s Day, and celebrated it as such for the past 50-odd years. Why did they dedicate the day to him if they did not mean for him to become an icon for children? The usage of the word “mere” is so demeaning to the children – these people grow up to become responsible citizens of the country, so what exactly is the problem if Nehru is portrayed as their icon? Beats me!
What is their justification for this fear?
“The Modi Government, on its part, had confined the initial commemoration to observing a children’s cleanliness year and promoting scientific temper among children, sources said. The move has given rise to the fear that the government is trying to reduce Nehru to a children’s icon. “
Read it twice – the Congress is afraid that the children will be taught cleanliness and scientific temper! Which party in a responsible democracy fears such a thing? Congress-Mukt Bharat seems a bigger necessity now than in May 2014!
Now for the killer statement from Congress:
“This government is trying to usurp our leaders without subscribing to their values. [Mahatma] Gandhi isn’t just about cleanliness.”
First of all, Gandhi isn’t “their” leader. Second – this fear of “usurping of their leaders” is laughable. Pity that they have been reduced to this state.

These arguments are also proof of why Prime Minister Modi connects so well with the people. Cleanliness is something that affects us daily. I know what exactly I can do to contribute to #SwachhBharat. But if you give me lofty gibberish of “intellectual statesman”, “growth engine” – I can’t just connect with it! I know exactly who gets benefitted with Jan Dhan Yojana and how our banks are able to get more money deposited. Instead, if you tell me about the need for “inclusive growth”, I cannot imagine why I would want to continue listening to what you have to offer.

Or let’s take this latest example – 125 year celebration of Nehru. Another report in The Hindu tells us the plans Congress party had in mind, when it constituted a committee last year:
“Plans for the year-long commemoration included a coin and a stamp on Nehru and various chairs in universities, sources said.”

A coin? A stamp? Chairs in Universities? Whom does this reach? Who cares whose picture is there on a coin? How many outside the university care if a Chair is named after Nehru, Gandhi or Sonia?

Contrast this to the plans Modi has in mind:
“…to extend the Clean India drive to school and anganwadis and to inculcate scientific temper among children.”
This gets so identifiable with everyone – the children will enjoy participating in community events; they will develop a scientific temper; they will discuss this with their parents; and will go on to become responsible citizens of India. Commemoration and celebrations must mean that we get meaningful outcomes – not meetings and stamps! The day Congress party gets this, is the day they will start coming out of this abyss. Until then, enjoy the fall!

PS: The last line in this report cracked me up:
“The Congress had also planned a film on Nehru’s life on the lines of Richard Attenborough’s biopic Gandhi. A Congress leader said it would now have to be shelved for lack of funds.”