Monday, February 24, 2014

We move on ...

The following article was written for Niti Central. Pasting it here for reference:

One of the muddiest events in post-independent India is nearing the completion process. The Rajya Sabha on February 20 gave its consent to the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Bill.
For months, Union Ministers and public representatives of the Congress at the Centre have pleaded with Sonia Gandhi to at least announce a special package to the residual of Andhra Pradesh. Sonia Gandhi did not bother to even respond. On Thursday, the BJP insisted on such a package and she promptly asked the Prime Minister to announce sops to the residual State. As always, the Prime Minister obliged by announcing that Andhra Pradesh will be given special status for 5 years.
The contours of what “special status” means, remains to be seen. Why has this been one of the muddiest events? Simply because the State was not ready for such a big event. Sonia Gandhi ensured that every established norm was trampled upon, every established procedure was circumvented to get her word through. Never in the history of Independent India has a State been divided without the consent of the State Assembly.
The “Spirit of Federalism” was thrown into the dustbin when even the view of the Assembly was not even considered during the “debate” that happened in Parliament. Never in the history of Independent India have Union Ministers trooped into the well to protest the decision of their own Government. The strategic secrecy with which the whole process was carried out and the petty potliticking over this issue that Sonia Gandhi encouraged will remain a permanent blot in the history of this country.
Ministers of the Congress threatened to resign but they don’t press for it – and after a while will continue to enjoy the perks of still being in power. MPs of the Congress troop into the well of the House, disrupting proceedings day in and day out; Rahul Gandhi goes to town blaming BJP for the disruptions. Chief Minister of the Congress, while retaining himself in the seat of power, launches regular tirades against his party – we are witness to this spectacle from 6-7 months. And then after everything is done, he simply quits the party. He himself said that he stayed in power at the behest of Sonia Gandhi, even after the announcement was made.
I can go on and on to list the dirty games that Sonia Gandhi played; but it is now time to look forwardA Congress Mukt Bharat is becoming a desperate necessity with each passing day. The seeds of poison that Sonia Gandhi planted in Andhra Pradesh will have to be nipped in the bud – and she/her family is definitely not capable of achieving this. Sonia Gandhi will be hailed as the goddess in Telangana and as the devil incarnate in Andhra Pradesh – primarily because she failed to take everyone along in her decision making process.
We now wait for her decision on when exactly the two States will come into existence.We now wait for her word on whether our State will have President’s Rule or not. Once these events are decided, the politics of merging and alliances will begin to hog the headlines.
We now wait for two efficient Governments to take over both these States. We should now hope that there will be a healthy competition between the two States. We move on by remembering our responsibility ahead – that of building two prosperous States that will help in the growth of India. Remember, this will happen only if Congress is thrown out.


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