Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The role of the Governor

The following article has been written for Niti Central. Posting it here for reference. 

One of the many institutions that have been fiddled with or destroyed completely by Sonia Gandhi’s UPA, is that of the Governor. Three examples that immediately come to mind are the Bihar fiasco in 2005 (because of which the then President, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam even wanted to step down from office!); HR Bharadwaj’s overt involvement in trying to topple the then Yeddyurappa Government; and Gujarat Governor’s blatant attempts to stall as many Bills as possible. Away from this media glare, Sonia Gandhi has effectively used the office of Governor in Andhra Pradesh to run her writ in the State.This is one of the most perfect example of using this post to undermine an elected State Government (this case is more uinique because this is her own party’s Government!).
In December 2009, EL Narsimhan was appointed as Governor after the great ND Tewari expose. The State was just beginning to go through it’s most tumultuous phase (the whole Telangana announcement and it’s subsequent withdrawal). Rosaih was the Chief Minister, and since he was perceived to be less competent to deal with such political matters, the new Governor was given the mandate of involving himself in matters of daily governance too. He even reviewed the law and order situation with police officials directly, without the CM or any Minister present.
Rosaih once advised his Ministerial colleagues something on these lines “I can’t do much. If there is anything else, please go to the Governor directly.” Ever since, EL Narsimhan continued to play an active role in important matters of law and order. Just so you forget, the people of Andhra Pradesh have elected the Congress to govern them. And at times of crisis, Sonia Gandhi found a solution in an appointed governor, not in any elected leader! The Governor himself has met Sonia Gandhi on various occasions over the last three years, to report to her on the happenings in the State. When questioned on this blatant transgression (by the local media of course, ‘national’ media couldn’t care less!), he merely replied – “Any citizen is free to meet Sonia Gandhi”!
And Narsimhan has again been summoned to New Delhi. This time for a four full days. He is scheduled to meet many Ministers. Perhaps, he will meet Sonia Gandhi too. Atleast till now, no meeting with the Prime Minister is scheduled – because PM is out of the country. Some strange timing this by the Governor (or is it by Sonia Gandhi?). Needless to say, the topic of discussions during his visit will be the bifurcation of the State. Perhaps, the UPA Government did not even talk to the Chief Minister in such detail, as much as they are talking to the Governor!
The Chief Minister of AP has given another statement on Sunday. On a visit to those affected by the recent Phailin Cyclone (he took one week to visit the areas – shows all that is wrong with this administration!), he said this: “I could not stop the Phailin Cyclone, but I will ensure to stop the bifurcation cyclone”. This open defiance of the Chief Minister obviously hasn’t gone well with Sonia Gandhi – and she therefore has fallen back on the Governor yet again! It’s like we have President’s rule without having President’s rule! Local newspapers have on Monday reported that the Chief Minister is planning to have the Government programmes based meetings in various districts and stress on the need for the State to be united. Even the PCC chief is now openly saying that he will strive to defeat the motion in Assembly.
In an unusual outburst, the Lok Satta party chief, Jayaprakash Narayan has demanded to know if the entity in New Delhi is a Government or a private company? At a time when various sections of people wish to meet the GoM and discuss their problems, GoM merely asked everyone to send an e-mail to them! This got to JP – who sees this is as another insult to the people. He has called for boycotting the GoM. He opines that this GoM lacks the seriousness and capability to handle such a complicated issue.
A few Union Ministers from Seemandhra are now toeing the line of the Congress high command. They have apparently reconciled to the fact that the State will be bifurcated. Now, they are merely making a ‘demand’ (read it as request or pleading!) that Hyderabad be made a Union Territory. If Sonia Gandhi decides that Hyderabad will not be an UT, even then these Ministers won’t resign. They will come up with some other excuse to cling to the office. What else can we expect from Congress folks?


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