Thursday, July 18, 2013

Back in 1998 ...

Recently, I was clearing up stuff and stumbled across something I saved from 1998. I knew I saved these, but just couldn't recollect where! Luck has finally smiled upon me, and I could retrieve them! 

Swapan Das Gupta wrote a cover page feature titled, "The Ugly Indian" for India Today in 1998. I read it in a library - and was blown away by it. I read it atleast 3 times and was wondering how it is possible for someone to write so incisively and perhaps beautifully too! 

I wanted to experience for myself how someone can write like that - so I started writing down what Swapan wrote! And at the end of the article, I wanted to continue the flow and pen (literally :D) some of my thoughts and see if I can do it! 

Perhaps that is one of the first (or probably the first) articles that spurred me into a lot of political thinking too... I therefore wish to dedicate this to Swapan da (a bit wierd dedicating his own article to him, but I hope he understands the context :) ) - Thank you Swapan for the inspiration :). 

The three images below are snapshots of what I wrote (replete with P.T.O and "contd." ;) ). Read and see how some issues are relevant even today :). 


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