Monday, August 15, 2011

That's all, Your Honour! : Aug 6-13

1. After peddling multiple lies on where the Afzal Guru file is, the Central government finally recommended to the President that he be hanged. When the issue of the delay in processing his file was bought up a couple of years ago, we were told that the file is with Delhi government, Delhi Lt.Governor, Central Govt and even with the President! And then like all issues, this issue also died down and the government once again got away with lies. It was very well known that many "prominent" people, and most of the Congress party members wanted clemency granted to him. This despite the fact that the trial court, High Court, and Supreme Court have all upheld his death penalty. Afzal Guru is the prime accused in the attack on Parliament, and this has been established beyond doubt in all court trials. The head of the interlocutors for J&K, Mr. Dilip Padgoankar has even called this decision as bad timing because this might create problems in Kashmir. That such considerations and cheap vote bank politics by many political parties hastened the hanging of a man who is primarily responsible for the attack on Indian parliament is disgusting to say the least. Here's hoping that the President will take a quick decision and close the case for good.

2. Governance in Andhra Pradesh is still being taken for a toss. The latest confrontation is about a clause in a government rule that declares Hyderabad as a free zone for all candidates appearing for SI exam ( I am not totally sure if this rule applies for only this exam or for all exams. But this rule has been bought into the picture each time this exam was planned to conduct). Pro-Telangana people want this clause deleted and their demand is that postings in Hyderabad be made exclusively for Telangana people only. Amidst high tensions last year, the Assembly passed a unanimous resolution asking the central government to delete this clause. However, our dear Home Minister, asks the Assembly to pass a fresh resolution again! This statement paved way for fresh flare-ups. CM had to convince our dear Home Minister that it is not possible to get a fresh resolution. Somehow our Home Minister seems to have realised this, and finally decided to delete this clause. Actually the SI exam that was conducted last weekend, was not for Hyderabad anyway! Wonder why these political parties made such a big issue in the first place!

3. And finally about Karnataka - the famous Reddy brothers are out of the cabinet! But no english TV media highlighted this. That's all, Your honour!


Narender said...

It was very well known that many "prominent" people, and most of the Congress party members wanted clemency granted to him

Just curious ... how did you make the above comment? And any references pointing to such info ?

Sudhir said...

Some references here :)

I usually link, but seems like I missed this one. Thanks for pointing out


Narender said...

Thanks for the link .. the cheap vote bank politics...

The delay in carrying out this sentence is atrocious ...

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