Friday, May 22, 2009


A new government under the leadership of Dr. Manmohan Singh just took oath of office, thus ending the election process in India! Democracy has again won, and kudos for that!

This is the first time I have penned my thoughts so extensively on so many topics. Many of these thoughts were formed after I could get some first hand exposure into the campaigning, planning, documentation, ideas etc. I have been a very keen follower of politics from 1990 onwards, and this is the first time I was involved in such a manner. Some of the thoughts are new to me itself, and they have been gained through some really enlightening practical exposure to the real world. In this election, I have actually realised how difficult it is to win as an MLA/MP! I have also realised how you should always be on your toes while in politics, and how important it is to be constantly reading the public pulse and adapting accordingly.

Also this is the first time that my thoughts have been open to a wide public audience. I did not keep a "click counter" on this blog on purpose ( because I felt the focus will shift towards that :P ), but the number of profile clicks after starting this blog was a little overwhelming! To get criticism and compliments in almost equal measure on many of the articles ;-) was also very new to me, but I guess this was to be expected given that we are opening up our thoughts to a varied set of audience. I never knew how a writer would feel when he reads comments from people he did not know, but after reading them on this blog; it did feel good that these blogs did inspire other people to pour in their thoughts too.

In the process, I also read many other blogs and realised that there is indeed a lot of hidden talent in our country. Some of the thoughts and ideas expressed in some blogs were really enlightening, and all of them came from normal citizens like you and me. Blogs and chats have also exposed me to directly interact with some of the well known thinkers and journalists of our time :-). I guess technology is helping bridging the gap ;-)

There is seldom any dull moment in Indian politics, and I think the journey from now on will also be as interesting as ever before. While we will surely keep a track on all the happenings, I think it is also time we get back to some fun and food on my original Blog

It will sound cliché, but it has really been a pleasure writing these articles, reading your comments, and discussing them with you. Thank you for participating in this small "project" of mine :-) . For now, from me, it's adios! Or in the true Indian style, tata!


Cicero said...

Dude, you should consider running for PM in 2020 !

Srinivas said...

I second Cicerio's thought!!

Ady1122 said...

Hey Dude,
Your link to the original blog is broken. Check it out.


Anonymous said...

It was a good experience reading your thoughts and blogs on politics....

Keep going ....


Tj said...

Good or bad, Congress won. I just hope they do a good job. Nice blog brother...

I think you got a lot of experience in this election cycle. I have not followed elections so avidly before, but this one...I was updating myself every minute.

Blogs have revolutionized reporting completely..there are a whole slew of freelancers now, and lot of people do listen to them...even in China!

What happened to you guys? Are you guys sure you said Sudhir should run for PM? If he does become PM, I am sure about one thing though...more than governance he would concentrate on good food in the Parilament canteen. I think he will retain food ministry with him.

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